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About the Osage County Health Department

The role of the OCHD is to assure the health and well-being of all those who live, work, and play in Osage County. Public health encompasses a multitude of functions and services within a community such as: health education, disease prevention, disease control, and environmental safety.

If you have eaten at a restaurant ... stayed at a hotel/motel…swam at a public pool ... drank a glass of milk ...or had a baby…the Osage County Health Department has touched your life in some important way.

The activities of the OCHD can be categorized in three ways:

  • Health Protection - Environmental conditions, some occurring naturally and others manmade, have an effect upon the well-being of the county. Contamination of the air, ground, water, and food may cause disease or death. Public health tries to prevent or contain such contamination.
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention - Prevention is the key to success in public health. Health promotion and education programs are designed to inform individuals about positive ways in which they can preserve or restore their own health, including smoking cessation, moderation in alcohol consumption, proper diet and exercise, wearing seat belts, etc. Disease intervention programs work to stop the transmission of diseases from a carrier to others by immunizing people against certain diseases, treating new cases as they occur and isolating carriers if necessary; also finding and testing people who have been in contact with an infected patient to administer the proper treatment before the disease becomes contagious.
  • Health Treatment - Health care of the sick and disabled is a role that public health undertakes when individuals cannot afford or otherwise lack access to health care services. The Osage County Health Department currently does not have the staff for treatment of illness. We will provide referrals and resources of local facilities that do offer these services